Sliding glass door/brick install question

I have a brick veneer home with a 68x48" window in my kitchen. I am wanting to replace the window with a sliding patio door. After ripping off the drywall, I found the RO of the window to be 69.5" wide and the RO of the brick on the exterior is 68.5", so the brick overlaps the framing by 1/2 inch on each side.
My problem is figuring out what custom size (width) door to order. I figure I can add to the interior framing to accommodate my exterior brick opening. Some have told me to order a 68" door which will give 1/4" each side for a caulk bead. Sounds good to me.
I then realized that the jamb width may be an issue even though i have a 2x4 wall/RO. Most sliding door jambs are 4 5/8 " wide. My width from drywall to brick (inside to outside) is approx 7 inches and with a 4 5/8 jamb it will barely cover the sheathing to wards the outside exposing unfinished brick. Brick mold could fix that but a 68" door wont leave room to trim on the outside. And I am finding jamb extensions are more for the interior???
Any thoughts? Thanks! Chris
One more thing for all the brick guys out there: should I saw the brick down from the window to complete the opening or do I remove brick one by one and hire a mason to patch in once door is installed? I don't know if I like the look of cut brick.
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