RE-erecting a steel building, north florida, alachua county...a few questions

for green-friendly, and economic, reasons, I'd like to buy a *used* butler-type steel-framed building, dismantle and move it on a flatbed, then re-erect it, on a new slab/footings, of course
has anybody here ever dismantled, "moved", and *RE*erected a butler-type steel framed building, *anywhere* in florida? -or- has anyone here ever even 'heard second-hand' this was done successfully by a 'friend of a friend' or by anybody? and this building was moved and re-erected where? this 'inquiring mind' wants to know :-)
if you're re-erected a building, how'd you manage to procure an engineers 'wet stamp' and/OR building permit for doing it? approached from another angle, does anyone here 'have a feeling' for what sum joe public might have to pay to acquire a florida engineers wet stamp for such a task?
mine is a (supposedly) very "green friendly" and "recycling-encouraging" county, but, I'm sure *rigorous* as far as issuing building permits goes....
I realize seeing if this -can- be done (without paying more for a 'wet stamp' than a new building is worth) is important before buying, dismantling and moving a building *then* running into insurmountable permitting 'hoops' to jump through...anticipated building size in the neighborhood of 2000 sq feet, give or take, to be erected on AG zoned acreage, for my own personal use ONLY, for storage purposes (if it matters)
ps-what's the current florida wind load rating required? and does anyone have an address or contact info for the "american society of reverse engineers and building re-erectors", or for anybody who'll 'wet-stamp' some plans for me nice'n'cheap? ;-)
thanks very much, guys,
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*anywhere* in florida? No............
-or- has anyone here ever

Washington State......................

County bought into with no questions asked..............................

goes.... Probably..............
Were I you, I'd start where the building currently exists & ask for the original issued Bldg. permit. I'd then go to where you want to erect this Bldg. and ask them, with the above info if there's any problems. If that fails, go to(contact) the original vendor and get (hopefully the orginal/copies Dwgs.) for submission.
The srtuctural re-erection is passe, however, the sheeting 'may' be a different issue. The wall sheets should be fairly simple if you do it right. Re-fasten/place the wall sheets on the same wall they came from. Ie: west wall, north wall etc. The roof however can/ may be a real bastard depending on the type of roof installed. Screwed down problem...(generally)..........standing seam..........could be real problem. Hemmed seams, forget it. Snap lock seams........hmm?
Other consideration is IF the original install was square. Some trim may not work again. You'll need all new bolts for the structural and all new screws for ANY SHEETING. You'll need all new rolled mastic and caulk as well.
Have fun..................... Dan
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