Log houses for sale!

Our company is specialized produce of log houses for 6 years
(more hand-crafted) and offer erection only for log parts.
We setup usually important constructions, rafters, beams e.t.c.
all materials what we have in spetcification.
We offer these materials what we produce.
But we can offer hous with doors ,windows,roof and floors.
Unfortunately we don't make fundament, electricity and pipe works.
Additionally we offer projection services:
1. Design drafts project 400 EUR
( *** For our log house subscribers this service is free ***)
2. Architectural projects 20 EUR/m2. Project is possible to make in
any language.
To confirm a project you just have to find an architect who must add
a standplan and sign the project.
Its sertainly cheaper then order all project from some architect
agency in your country.
Manufacturing process: Handmade 6 weeks. Log diameter started at 24 cm
In order contain:
1. Sign a contract 25 %prepayment ( reserve of wood until free weeks )
Works will start not later than one month after sign a contract.
2. Second payment 50% if house is complete till middle of windows.
We will make digital photo or costumer will make inspection.
Approximate time 1.5 months after sign a contract
3. Third payment 25% if house is complete. Costumer is ensure of house
House will be packed and send out from factory with transport.
Hand-crafted log "wall m2" approximately (Round and Square log) : 95 -
130 EUR
Wall thickness 200 - 350 mm
All prices are without transport.
Best Regards,
Toomas Allikas
+372 52 97 900
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Toomas Allikas
In article , Toomas
? http://www
We're not interested.
We don't want advertising in this newsgroup, and we don't patronize anyone who does so.
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Lyle B. Harwood
No! You don't want advertising. You are not the moderator nor spokes person for this group. I suggest you cease and desist from your interuptions in the group.
Vic A. Bodnar
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Vic Bodnar
I visited your website and can tell you that you better be a bit more carefull or informed next time you do a foundation dampproofing, you may have severe disapointments in the future Daniel H. Laurent Managing partner XX Co., Ltd No, I won't spam with my Building Envelope Consulting firm detail But if anyone is interested, send me an email :-)
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Lyle B. Harwood, President | So, Phoenix Homes, Inc. |__What's this? (206) 523-9500
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LOL, im not a builder so I'd love to hear what Lyle is doing wrong since well hes not at the top of my or anyones list.
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we dont't want your advertising as well, Lyle you hypocrite! =================================================
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