Best framing options for cathedral ceiling. Opinions wanted!

Hi everyone! I have a ranch style house with a garage and screen porch which make up one end of the house. The 2 areas together make a 24x24 space. I want to convert this to indoor living space, which should be quite easy, except that I'm considering making a cathedral ceiling. It's a single story home with an attic. There is a load bearing wall running parallel to the ridge but 2 feet off center which I want to remove. The roof is 5/12 pitch and there are 2x6 rafters and a 2x6 ridge board. There are also 2x6 ceiling joists which of course I want to remove to vault the ceiling. I'm 99% sure that a 2x6 will not cover the 13 foot span from the wall to the ridge, so even if I put in a glue lam ridge beam or similar thing what are my options? There will be no problem supporting the ends of the ridge beam since I have a wall I can attach it to which sits on foundation on either end, so I won't need a bunch of footings etc. Do I use rafter ties and clutter up the cathedral? Can I sister on 2x10's to the 2x6 rafters and gain the extra space for insulation without creating so much weight I'll need a fantastically huge beam? Should I add some type of post and beam structure to create support from inside? I'm looking for an elegant creative solution and I just don't have the experience to be certain what I want to do. Also, what else do I need to consider before embarking on this mission, should I just drywall up and call it a day? A cathedral ceiling with skylights would sure add $$$ to the value of my home, but I'm not willing to tear the roof off to get there as I have limited help and of course, a limited budget. I'm curious what you all would do? Thanks in advance...
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