Recently installed a new Infinity system, variable heater with 2 stage AC.Is it normal for normal for the AC to run alot in order dehumidify

I am in Zone 2 relatively close to the ocean so humidity is fairly high in summer. I have the thermostat at 78" when at work with a humidity set point at 50% both of which were satisfied (temp =78, humidity = 42%) however the AC continue to run at low speed. Changing the humidity set point did not seem to have any affect on compressor as it kept running in low (according to the thermostat log). Inifinty 60K furance with 2 stage 2 ton AC
More info; I have a bypass humidifier for winter use, and the set point of 42% was never satisfied. The lowest I could reach was 52% so the water solenoid was never reached.
I read that the program over rode the thumbswitches so I started looking at the program.
A couple of things I did change recently was that I set up program to bypass mode and since the duct work was sweating profusely (at the phelegm) I allowed a higher low fan speed.
My house is only 1200 sq ft and previously (last winter) I achieved the 40 % setpoint humidity range using the same bypass humidifier and a Shaw thermostat with humidity control built in. I also had no trouble reaching the summer humidity (no control, just a reading) of 40%. The prvious system was also a Carrier pair that provide service for 15 years.
I also purchased a Extech DH305 humidity kit (with humidity cal chambers) which I am using to compare along with a Davis weather station which I also own.
One other question; seems that the humidty set points are not settable were I would say at a comfortable range ~40%. It seems that the limit is 50 %. I also move the thermistor from the AC housing to the North side of my house and according to what I see it is within 1" accuracy.
Sorry for all the long winded statements and appreciate any help you can give.
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I am answering my own question. It appears, that with this new unit, I do not have the blower capacity to rum in the Comfort mode, aka Dehumidifying, unless I program the blower to run in the Maximum mode.
The difference in blower CFM is as follows:
Comfort; low 560 cfm @ 0.25 sp, high 734 cfm @ 0.43 sp.
Maximum; low 640 cfm @ 0.35 sp, high 839 cfm @ 0.57 sp
In doing this I lose my ability to rum in Dehumidifying (AC) mode but at least I can maintain thermostat set point (which is only 78'F) but doing a normal  day, the humidity is at 36 to 40% range and at night, when I raise my set point to 80', humidity does rise to 50% at sunrise.
I still believe that these humidity/dehumidify set points are way to high at 46 to 54% and especially in the winter when I like to have the humidity around 40%. 
Would upgrading to a 2.5 ton compressor help, (N-coil is already at 2.5) or are the blower speeds the same? If they are the same blower then I do not beleive it would help as temperature at the registers run around 56 to 60'F.
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