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Very tiny black specks.
They appear on my the headboard of my bed in one corner at this time
3 months ago
Cleaning rubber buttons from a remote
Hello all! I recently purchased a used univeral remote control (off ebay) that unfortunately was in a smoking home. The thing stinks of smoke, and the buttons themselves (which are made of rubber) are...
14 years ago 11
Make your own Shower Shine
I want to make my own Shower shine or Streak-free Shower cleaner or what have you. The stuff you spray onto a fiberglass surround immediately after showering and don't need to rinse off. There's got...
16 years ago 3
How to get a newsprint stain off a wood table
Hi, I have a light pine table. My daughter was painting and put newspaper down to cover the table. When we took the newspaper back up we found a patch about 1"x1" where the newsprint had transferred...
16 years ago 4
oil spill of wood floor
I hope you can help me. Used cooking oil (peanut oil used to fry shrimp and some chicken fat) spilled on my hard wood floors and sat till I came home, maybe an hour, there is now a stain, mark, and...
16 years ago 3
Red spots everywhere!
Since moving into my apartment 2 years ago, I've periodically noticed little red spots and streaks appearing just about everywhere. I clean them when I can, but they are difficult to remove. Until...
17 years ago 21
little black dots
Hello, I hope you can help me solve this mystery. Over the last two weeks, black dots have appeared on many surfaces in my apartment: in the sink, counters, on some walls, and heavily on the kitchen...
16 years ago 60
Strange White Gas when Mixing Oxiclean and Clorox Bleach
Can someone tell me what white gas is being put off when I mix oxiclean (powder) and Clorox bleach (liquid) in my washing machine? According to the Oxi directions you are NOT supposed to mix it with...
16 years ago 5
weird laundry problem (smell)
This is a weird vexing problem and I just want to see if anyone has any input. Some items come out of my wash with a weird, unpleasant metallic odor. At first it was a couple of towels, now it's some...
13 years ago 12
How to remove smell of spilled wine from a car?
Hi A bottle of white wine got smashed inside my car. Fortunately or not it all spilled on the driver's side carpet. I had it valeted but it still smells bad Is there any way of neutralizing the smell?...
17 years ago 6