dirty area of carpet spreading with each shampoo

I have a small section of olefin berber carpet that was under table and chair legs for 8 years. The table was used as a desk and where the table and chair feet were all the time, plus where my husbands feet rested got matted down and really dirty. I couldn't clean properly because the feet of the table were too close together (Dunanc and Fife style). Now that is has finally been moved I can't get the dirt out. I did manage to raise the impressions, but each time I shampoo, the dirty area seems to spread and get darker. I only used carpet shampoo once and did a vinegar water rinse. Then I tired a solution of borax and a tiny amount of detergent in water, with a bit of rubbing alcohol for any oily residues. I've rinsed over that 2 or 3 more times and I'm getting nowhere but worse. The area wasn't walked on, just shoes on it from getting up and down (a lot). We are getting ready to sell the house and with the table moved, it was pretty obvious, now worse. No option to put the table back. It was just inside the front entry and an eyesore. Took me years to get my husband to move it. I'm desperately hoping someone can tell my what is going on with the worsening spot and how to correct it.
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