Re: .....Must do....., yeah right.......

No. Not at all. Sounds like saber-rattling -     - too bad he doesn't realize that those light sabers are actually     just plastic tubes stuck onto flashlights - - and writing cheques that will inevitably bounce (because the rest of us are expected to cover them while he sits on his thumbs fantasizing about world domination).

yeah, to go into auto-retch mode when I hear/read about such self- delusional drivel, as tho' The Reactionary Power Elite can actually control the rest of the world.

Sure. I've written to people in power, to Congress and whatnot. I've even written to Cheny and the Pres.
ONLY that I'm 100% sure (esp since I used to work in the intelligence community) that I'm on some sort of FBI watch list.
We The People means nothing to them; to The Reactionary Power Elite, we're not even as important as the manure that gardeners spread under the White House roses.

There is a resurgence of buggy whip making, it's just that there are a hell of a lot more whips than buggies <ahem...>
"Minding one's business" has gone the way of "customer service" and "common sense".

NONE of The Reactionary Power Elite cares one ten-thousandth of an iota about that - b'cuz they got GAWWD in their hip pockets next to their Cliff- notes version of the King James so-called translation of the Bible. Either GAWWD will see to it that THEIR will be done, or the Apocalypse will happen anyway, so it makes no diff to them. ((They've dutifully had the section of the brain that retains the phrase "self-fulfilling prophecy" surgically excised.))
As for the rest of us "haythenz" and "sinnuhz" and other multitudes whom GAWWD *haytz*, well, so what if we're turned into toast? It's whut we deezUHV!!, doncha know.

You only know that because you haven't dutifully submitted to worshiping GAWWD's appo-oyntud MESSunguhz (i.e. The Reactionary Power Elite). . . . . . . . ...sorry for the interruption, I had to go puke.

I think you're granting it *far* too much dignity.
- Kris M. Krieger

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