Does it make sense to you?

When the Taliban and alquaida were finally ousted from Afghanistan, nobody questioned that Afghanistan should be rebuilt.
"Spend a ton of money," we said, "to completely rebuild a nation that has been dessimated after 20 years of war." "It's the right thing to do - for the Afghan people."
But now that one of our own cities, New Orleans, has faced destruction at the hands of mother nature, we say "maybe it's not worth rebuilding." "Who really cares about the people who lived in New Orleans?"
Does this approach make sense to you?
Before answering, consider a few facts.
Nearly all of the intelligent, educated, people of Afghanistan left years ago and are living in diaspora around the world. They are established abroad - will they really move back?
The people of New Orleans by contrast left only a few weeks ago. They still remember and feel close to their old home. Many of them desperately want to go home.
Afghanistan produces little. Its only real crop is poppies, which can be purified into heroin. A reconstructed Afghanistan could very easily become another Colombia, minus the coffee and the drop dead gorgeous women.
Furthermore, even if Afghanistan did have stuff to export, it has no port. It is landlocked.
New Orleans has one of the largest sea ports in the world. It recieves thousands of tons of grains and other crops from states along the Mississippi River. Furthermore, New Orleans is home to dozens of refineries and oil wells to produce gasoline, heating oil, etc.
Afghanistan has historically faced shortages of potable water, and is rapidly being deforested. Much of its land is little more than scrub-brush where one can barely eek out a life and mountains where one can't without help. Hardly any better than the swampland New Orleans is built on.
Considering this, ask yourself again. Does it make sense that nobody questioned if Afghanistan was worthy of being rebuilt after the Taliban, and every other person in the US seems to be questioning the rebuilding of New Orleans today?
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