wiring diagram for ge motor 5kc35k6335

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please , need wiring diagram for above motor. thanks

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I have collected a fair number of manuals and wiring diagrams, including various GE AC motors, but somehow the exact 5KC35K does not turn up. However, I would venture a guess it's a 115/230V PSC single phase motor - other 5KC35 ones I see are.

Does it have 3, 5 wires or more? Does it have a relay/switch/capacitor compartment  bolted to the side and if it does, how many? Even without an exact wiring diagram it should not be terribly difficult to get the wires sorted - it would normally have two windings, start and run. Run is the more powerful hence less resistance, it should measure about 1.5 Ohm. The start winding is smaller and weaker hence more resistance and would measure anywhere between 5 and 10 Ohms. The start winding is usually in series with a capacitor, so if the start capacitor is housed in a compartment, you'll have to open it to get to the winding itself - you won't be able to measure resistance with a cap in series.

The motor is likely to have a centrifugal switch that disconnects the start winding once the rotor is running and it may have a reversal switch, so there is more to it than just windings but not all parts of the motor are wired to the outside, so you may not need to worry about some of the internal parts.

Perhaps you can make a few pictures (including with the compartment(s) opened) and post them here. Use the "+Image" button at the bottom of the comment form.

Almost all considerable size AC motors I've seen have the wiring diagram printed on the nameplate. Did it not survive on your motor? To give you an idea, see the samples I shamelessly stole from a couple of eBay auction descriptions (just as a reference), see pics attached. Those are also 5KC35 but different variants. Does yours have something similar? Post a picture of it, too, if your nameplate is legible.

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