Wilkinsons Garden Furniture now needs repair...

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The proliferation of the timber slatted/ornate metal ends and backpolate furniture - typically sold annually in Winlkinsons and Robert Dyas, is made from timber that weathers poorly. I have a bench and two chairs and all three have been regularly maintained but never keep a coat of anything on for a whole season. Now the timber is rotting and it is a toss-up to just replace entirely or buy timber and do a remedial job.

Has anyone got any tips on what it best timber to go for longevity/ease of upkeep over cost?

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Answer by homeowners

The squirrel looks so very comfortable and peaceful there! Might as well just leave the bench it as a piece of mood setting outdoor decor :)

Seriously though, if you are considering repairing it, best timber in terms of longevity and care is not even a real timber but plastic timber. If you can find boards that are thin enough, I would definitely go for plastic timber. They are usually 1-1/4" to 1.5" thick and that, along with finding a place to buy such small amounts that you'll need, will be the biggest challenge. But if you overcome that, the repaired bench will last a very long time.

What's the thickness and width of the planks? 3/4"x3"? I have seen plastic timber (a.k.a. plastic lumber) in 1x3 trade size which was actually a 3/4"x2-3/4" physical size, perhaps it might work.

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