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If you are looking for information or advice about any home or garden related question, you've come to the right place! Here at HomeOwners' Hub you can get the help you need from many different sources:

Ask Locally: Using our Answers system ( you are reading this via Answers now ), submit your question through the form available on most pages of this site and your question will be researched and answered by HomeOwnersHub.com staff as well as this site's visitors. This service does not require registration.

Search Deeply: HomeOwnersHub.com puts wealth of information accumulated in Answers, digitized books in our Online Library and homeownership-related Usenet groups at your fingertips with its comprehensive site search feature. Use the search form in the right top corner of every page to search messages as far back as 2003 and book pages all the way back to the XIX century!

Engage Socially: Do you swear by Google+, Facebook or Twitter? Are you getting your updates in RSS format? HomeOwnersHub.com provides a way to stay engaged and informed about homeownership matters using your social networking platform of choice.

Post Globally: One of the most acclaimed features of this site is our Web, RSS and Social Media Interface to Usenet groups for the homeowner. Some of the more advanced features require free account registration.

Usenet has been the preferred discussion platform for hundreds of thousands of people for the last 30 years. Although with proliferation of Web forums and especially after most major U.S. ISPs dropped free support of Usenet groups in 2009-2010 it is becoming less crowded, you can still be sure that your question posted via our Usenet Interface will be viewed by thousands of people through a great variety of access means, including Usenet reader software, smart phone apps and other Web sites providing simple archives or similar-featured interfaces, most notably Google Groups.

We are proud to have been helping in advancing homeownership Usenet discussions for the last 5 years, despite all the odds. We strongly believe that by marrying the 30-year old technology to the modern ways of accessing and sharing information, HomeOwnersHub.com is helping to keep the conversations going and doing its part in preserving the legacy of one of the oldest Internet technologies.

With so many other ways of accessing Usenet, why would you use HomeOwnersHub.com Web, RSS and Social Media Interface? We'd like to think that the reasons will become apparent once you've browsed through the site and have seen how it operates, but we would like to help you come to your own conclusions by pointing out that:

1) We bring Usenet into the 21-st century! When Usenet was created, there was no Facebook, Twitter, RSS or Web for that matter. Even e-mail has not been invented for awhile. We are responsible for the tough job of integrating the original social media into the platforms people prefer to use today.

2) We make Usenet family- and office-safe! Usenet is an un-moderated discussion platform. In other words, no one polices what is being said and which expressions are being used. Many people take it upon themselves to turn homeownership-related groups into heated debates on religion, politics or race with explicatives flowing freely Rob Blagojevich-style. HomeOwnersHub.com uses a combination of software filters and diligent human supervision to make the listings and messages family- and office-safe.

3) We remove spam before it annoys you! The lack of general moderation is both the bane and the blessing of Usenet. Well, it used to be a blessing that led to creation of groups on so many different subjects, but these days it's mostly the bane. Most Usenet reader software supports spam filters but you really have to master the art of spam fighting on your own or just use HomeOwnersHub.com for spam-free reading. Picture is worth a thousand words, so we wanted to show a picture to illustrate the point. Please take a look at a rather normal few days in the alt.home.repair group in late March 2012. This was not a spam-heavy week by any means. Spam is highlighted in red in the top part of the picture that represents an unfiltered listing in Pan NNTP reader software. Me make all that red go away. Since we are focused on just a few groups of interest to the homeowner, we can do much better spam-cleaning job than other mega-sized Usenet archive sites.
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4) We eliminate the need for a paid Usenet access account. HomeOwnersHub.com is a free (ad-supported) service. There still are some free traditional (non-Web) Usenet servers out there but they are getting harder to find and some require membership approval. Even on a free Usenet server you still need to create an account. Paid Usenet servers are plenty and much easier to find. They charge about $10 a month, so it's not an outrageously expensive service. But do you really want your credit card information floating out there and monthly charges even when you use it only occasionally?

5) We make it possible to access Usenet from behind a firewall. Since Usenet is a pretty old system and because the lack of moderation makes its straight-up consumption (i.e. not distilled by HomeOwnersHub.com) so spam-prone, many corporate and even personal firewalls disable the TCP ports needed for its operation by default. By using a Web-based interface such as HomeOwnersHub.com you can avoid opening an extra port on your firewall (and a conversation with the IT Department, sometimes very entertaining)

6) We work both ways! Unlike most Web-based Usenet archives that only let you read messages other people posted, HomeOwnersHub.com provides both reading and posting capabilities to its registered members. We have to insist on registration for posting to keep the spam down. Otherwise this service would be overrun by spammers. Please note that when you register, you will be able to use more features than a regular Web surfer can see by just passing by. Our goal is to make the HomeOwnersHub.com Usenet Interface experience as convenient and familiar to the modern user as the limitations of the old technology would allow. Oh, and should we mention that registered users see fewer ads?

We congratulate you on sticking with us to the very end of this lengthy page! Thank you for your time and consideration to use HomeOwnersHub.com services.

HomeOwnersHub.com is a website for homeowners and building and maintenance pros. It is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers or service providers discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.