what kind of batteries are needed in a pacific bay umbrella solar unit so the little night lights come on

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i just put in 3 new batteries (AA's) the solar unit atop the umbrella. flip the switch and lights come on but at night they don't come on.

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I've yet to get one of these for myself, so I have to apologize if this comment is off the mark. However, "solar powered" implies that there's a way to store that power for night use and that would require rechargeable batteries, not just any AA. Something like this: http://tinyurl.com/rechargable...  or these: http://tinyurl.com/rechargable... because some of the solar light umbrellas descriptions do mention AAA rather than AA batteries.
It's possible that the unit requires both types of batteries although it's rather unlikely. I would switch to rechargeables and see if it fixes the issue. The links I provided are to high capacity versions - I always replace "normal" rechargeable batteries with high capacity in my solar lights.

If you have more information that would help with a more detailed answer, please post it in the comments.

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