Water comes in from the chimney cleanout.

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I get water thru the chimney cleanout ONLY when the furnace runs and the hot water heater runs normal.

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Answer by davidnowe

sorry this is all new to me.

Answer by davidnowe

Is my chimney liner condensating, I have an outside chimney.

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You should immediately have the chimney checked for a blockage (bird nest) and structural stability, if this water hasn't shown up before. As, it could be condensation from the furnace's exhaust not being able to escape normally. This means there's little to no required draft and the furnace carbon monoxide is building up in the house or basement...it's deadly.
Otherwise, if you just moved into the place and have no knowledge of when this started nor how long its been going on. Then, do the above and also have a roofer or chimney mason determine if it's simply a failure of the roof or chimney waterproofing...a rotted chimney cap, a leak in the roof flashing or stucco and/or mortar joints that have failed and are allowing water to enter the chimney.

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