trying to locate flexible hose that connects from Franke little butler insta hot water dispenser to faucet

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I have a Model HT 200 Franke little butler insta hot water dispenser. The plastic coupling that fits on the unit
and has a flexible "rubber" hose that goes to the faucet is broken. I am trying to find out where to locate
this coupling or hose unit. Is this available either at a store in San Francisco or online?

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Answer by homeowners

Looks like you are talking about what Franke calls FR9100 neoprene hose connector. I haven't come across this heater but the connector does look just like a compression-fit 1/4" FIP  nut you often find on products with neoprene drinkable water hoses (and a hose clamp to secure the hose). Sold in any hardware store - big box or small - anywhere.

In any event, Franke does have a repair kit just for you. Part number FR9213 - Neoprene Tube Repair Kit . See diagram attached below for the part numbers reference. These are being discontinued as far as can see looking up some supplier sites, but Guillen's appears to still have it: 

Unfortunately, there is no product picture to verify positively but the description matches. You may want to give them a call before ordering just to be sure because this isn't the least expensive compression-fit nut I've ever seen.

Answer by homeowners

 A better parts diagram here below. Be sure to click on "Original" to see it full size.

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