stained shower pan

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Any suggestions for cleaning a shower stall pan that is stained? It's perhaps eight years old, and the walls are fine - I dry everything off with a towel after each shower. However, the floor of the shower has gray stains that I can't seem to get rid of. I've used all the usual cleaners, tried the mold and mildew stain spray, and no joy.

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Answer by homeowners

I don't know if it applies to your situation, but I have found hard (high calcium content) water and its calcium deposits on everything that the water touches, and someone in the family (who should remain anonymous) using hair color - a very difficult to handle situation. Calcium deposits tend to be porous and the hair color penetrates into them deep and stays forever. See if you can try to deal with the stain as you would with any calcium deposit. Try vinegar or specialized remedies, see if calcium mixed with any kind of coloring may be the culprit here.

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