Sewer line damaged by telephone company cable

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Due to numerous times that the sewer backed up into the house, we worked with a plumbing company that said the sewer line should be replaced. The plumbing company notified all utility companies and all lines were marked before digging started. The plumbing company uncovered a cable that had been driven through the sewer pipe at the time that cable was installed causing debris to catch and force the backup of sewage into the house . The only utility company to mark this area was Century Link. The plumbing company called Century Link immediately and because it was a Friday, Century Link did not have anyone that they could send to the site and requested that pictures be taken and submitted which was done. The plumbing company understood that the pictures were all that Century Link required. The hole was left open until Monday at which time, the plumbing company closed up the hole. Century Link is now denying the claim saying that the cable is no theirs. This was not a cheap fix as you can imagine and we would like reimbursement for the replacement of the sewer pipe. What recourse do we have?

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The cut or removed cable is still there, even in just picture documentation so the owner can be found and enforced through the Public Utility Commission, eventually. I'd agree that Century Link immediately and precisely marking the cable is confession enough and additionally that a Coaxial or Fiber Optic Cable is extremely condemning of them.
But, you're up against a very large corporation in a disgustingly corrupt world (thanks Humanity, good job), so their reflex is to simply deny any and all claims. You'll absolutely have to file a formal complaint through the painful bureau-crazy process and possibly need a lawyer and $2500 (minimum) to do it...the criminals not only know the game, they made it.

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