Second Puron dump in a month. Now what?

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We had a new 5 T Amana ASCZ 18 with AVPTC426014 installed in July or August 2013. In December 2014, we got a lockout code and the original installer came in and fixed a leak. He said it was in the copper tubing between the unit and the compressor so it was not covered by the warranty. He ate the labor and parts to fix but charged us for the Puron ($800). Now, less than a month later, we have the same lockout code and assume there must be another leak. This time, I can't imagine the installer will cover the parts and labor. What would you pros do if it were your unit? Is it time to just rip out the connecting tubing and replace it all? Are some installers using inferior imported copper tubing? If the tubing was defective, is there any way to recoup the costs of replacing it? In all fairness to us, we spent over $9000 on a new system and expected only to pay routine maintenance for at least a little while.

If they didn't fix all the leaks, or didn't do it properly, could it leak so slowly that this is the same issue as in December or are we looking at another instance? Puron was recharged about Dec. 11 2014 and new lockout code January 2 2015.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Did he install a new line set (copper tubes between the outside unit and inside unit)? If he charged you $800 he didn't eat the labor and parts. Even with a markup the refrigerant should have been closer to $200. I would be looking for a new service guy.

Answer by poi20

If he charged you $800 he didn't eat the labor

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