Is Rooto professional drain opener safe with PVC pipes?

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Is rooto professional drain opener with sulfuric acid safe to use in plastic pipes

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Answer by homeowners

Rooto Professional is a 93% sulfuric acid says Rooto website:


PVC of the pipes does get affected by sulfuric acid, which is perhaps the main reason you will not see the word "safe" used by this manufacturer or by other companies making similar products. Over time PVC pipe exposed to sulfuric acid will become brittle, develop cracks and eventually fail. But it all depends on the length of exposure time. I have seen results of studies of the effects of sulfuric acid on various pipe plastics, including PVC, based on 97% sulfuric acid. The first signs of trouble start to appear way past the 100 hours mark (more like 300-500hrs).

So, I would say it's not safe but safe enough for normal application. Pour it into the drain, wait 15-30 minutes and wash it out with copious amounts of fresh water. Short time of application will prevent the acid from reacting with the material of the pipe/fittings too much.

That said, I would prefer mechanical solution simply because concentrated sulfuric acid is a nasty chemical that's awkward to handle and needs all kinds of safety precautions. What can it unblock that a good auger can't?

Answer by valery_hill

It can round a corner.

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