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I have a 4" steel pipe (11') that I want to use as a clothesline post. The soil is well drained sandy soil with winter freezing (Ottawa), and I plan to set the post in concrete. My current plan is to set the post in "Post-Mix" (quick setting) cement in a 4 ft deep hole about 12"-15" diameter hole with 6" of gravel for drainage. My biggest concern is not to have a pole that is leaning in a few years due to a constant load in one direction, especially considering how easy it was to dig the hole by hand. Are the hole dimensions appropriate? Is "Post-mix" the right mix for the job? Is there something else I could be doing?

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The dimensions of the hole you are planning on digging (or already dug up) are adequate (at least 3 x posts's diameter , 1/3 posts's length depth). I am not familiar with Post Mix, but an Internet search brings up something that is very similar to Quickrete and sounds just the right mix for the job. I don't know if it's even needed, but if you are really concerned, make the hole extend a bit further in the direction opposite to the tension and the extra concrete that will fill it will be an extra ballast working against the tension of the clotheslines. We are talking something like 8-9 x 40lbs bags (approx 160-180 kg) per each hole, should be sturdy enough as it is.

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