paint peeling on basement block

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paint on basement block wall has been peeling..I have a perimeter water away system that has been installed around the entire inside wall of basement. There is a metal lip which catches any water that might come down thru the block walls and it goes out of the basement via a gravity flow means.

I want to repaint the basement walls and would like to find an elastomeric type paint because I feel it would fill and stick well to the porous blocks.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Use whatever paint you want. But, NONE will stop you from being a victim. The problem is your interior's garbage nonsense. The only thing that STUPIDITY, FRAUD AND SCAM is good for, is to get water out of the basement, after it's gotten in and damaged the structure along the way.
That interior SILLINESS does NOTHING to stop water from getting into the basement, NOTHING. Address your water from the exterior and never have water or moisture problems again. Then, paint with normal paint, which will last many decades.

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