other ways to run electric over concrete with out busting it up

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i want an electric or solar sliding gate but in order to get electric there i have to bust up concrete or find another way to do it. i dont have the money to rent or pay for it to be done nor do i have anyone to truely help me do this. i was thinking about a floating deck on the concrete but stabilized to the ground or house so it doesnt move really. and running medal conduit under it. then also running the medal conduit up the driveway in somekind of nice boxed trim to go around it and have it connected to the planter boxes along the driveway? my question is how can i make what im working with work. i know i should hire a proffesional or do it underground but techiniquely there is other options for people like me lol

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Of course, Solar with a Battery Backup makes your question moot. But, maybe you can provide a picture of the drive's entry and house orientation to it. In the wired case, I'd run a new circuit to the other side of the house and avoid the concrete. Or, I'd easily cut one of the concrete's control joints wider and deeper to accept the conduit, with a basic circular saw. Finally, if you're planning on any kind of sign above and separate from the gate (Stay Out Estate), then run the wire up there. However, being electric and apparently a fairly sizeable area, I'm not sure why the electrics can't go on either side with the gate sliding either way...I presume there's a boulder, tree or retaining wall type of obstacle.

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