old deadbolt stuck in fram

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I'm renting a house built in 1950 with, best I can tell, the original deadbolt on the door. The key wasn't provided, but it worked fine from the inside -- until today ... the latch (that "unlocked" the deadbolt) was turning, but the bolt stayed in the frame. I took it apart (pics) and there wasn't a mechanism like I'm used too -- I tried twisting the metal rod (in the images) and it still didn't budge. I put it back together (the last pic is what it looks like assembled) and now it's not even catching (the inside handle doesn't even move); I'm guessing that's user error -- but I am not sure how to replace the lock if I can't get the door open. I'm trying not to bug the landlord if it's something I can fix myself. Any and all help is welcome and appreciated. I can provide other/better pictures if needed.

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