New home obs subfloor exposed to 4 periods of prolonged pooling of rain water.

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Have a toll brothers home that has been exposed to at least 4 periods of rain and snow. Obs subfloor has been exposed to standing , pooling water over one half to one inch for over 2 days each time. Floor plates and bottom studs have adsorbed water. Builder is telling me there is no problem. This has been over a three week period. Home is covered and sheathed. With bare wood roof. Builder is claiming I have no issue.
I have an issue with that amount of water over that period of time. They have made no attempt to remove standing water to this point.

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Answer by homeowners

4 periods - is that 4 times it rained/snowed or full 4 YEARS of rain and snow? Just checking ...
I wouldn't be terribly worried over 4 times it rained - every single stick-built house is like that, especially anything delivered in spring. Anything that could buckle, would, and you would be able to see it.

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