Mini-Rivers in my basement

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Hey there! First time poster and first time homeowner here.
Bear with me, because I'm a beginner!
Here are the facts and the factors:
Our house was built about 70 years ago. There are some funky things that the builders and previous owners did, so this might be "fun".
Our basement has always had a mild leak that comes from where the wall meets the floor (the front door/steps are on the other side, one floor up). That little river doesn't cause much trouble, it just trickles into our basement drain.
We had a bit of a storm a few nights back, and that seems to have done SOMETHING, because on the opposite sides of the house, we suddenly got a lot more than a little trickle. Miniature lakes, about a half-inch to an inch deep started filling in from little rivers from the outside. The basement was half-finished when we got it, and the water's just running underneath drywall, saturating it. Also, much to our dismay, the floor isn't graded right, so none of the water on the other side flows into the basement drain. That means that I spend about an hour every morning and evening with a sponge and a bucket...
It's possible that the leaky gutters and poorly graded soil on the outside are contributing, but surely that can't be the cause, right?
I understand that it MIGHT be an issue that requires waterproofing the basement, but I'm looking to see if anyone here has any wisdom that might help me not spend another 10k on this house.

I'm wishing you guys a happy day!


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