It's getting cold inside! Service tech said heat exchanger failed in Oct. but heat has been kicking on when banging furnace with screwdriver

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In April 2013, furnace would not blow hot air, motor was running but no air blowing. Service tech replaced thermostat. I guess it was fixed but probably did not use too much since it was Spring then Summer. In October, no hot air at times but motor running & motor getting way too hot. Service tech came & said heat exchanger failed, 320+ ppm CO in outside exhaust but none in house. We were shown how to hit furnace inside of panel & then something would engage and the gas pilots would start on fire (I look into this little window & see fire) and it would work! Now, no amount of hitting gets fire to come on. Motor runs, no heat. It is an older HEIL. TY.

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Answer by stanhvac1

I am a Heil Dealer. Your proble, could be anything from a loose wire to a bad gas valve or ignition system. First, You should never have to hit anything to get the furnance to work. This is a issue that will need to be looked at by a Technician that is qualified. I would suggest you get it checked by a another company because I am deeply concerned by what you were told that you had a unqualified tech that doesn't know much. I could help you but you would need a volt meter and Ohm meter and br able to use them. I will need the model number and serial number of the furnance so I can pull a wiring diagram on it. I will be glad to help as much as I can but it will be time consuming.
Stan Chaney HVAC/R
Bassett, Virginia

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