I am a contractor who has a dump truck and is renting the truck I need a release form for the homeowner to sign

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I am a contractor who is renting my dump truck to a roofing company and I want the a release form for the homeowner. It will be parked in the homeowner's driveway.

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If you have a Business Auto policy, you best get the driver information to your insurance company immediately or you may find yourself without any insurance. And, you should immediately receive a Certificate of Insurance from the Roofer that they've added your vehicle to their policy and you as an Additional Insured.
You're going about the situation entirely wrong and should have a lawyer to consult with, if you're a business. IN FACT, a "release" or "hold harmless" doesn't and won't mean anything and doesn't AT ALL obligate any insurance company. Involving the Homeowner provides nothing but an unnecessary annoyance to a party that isn't involved in the arrangement.

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