How to disassemble a gatehouse doorknob to get to the cylinder for rekeying

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I have the following knob that I bought for cheap from a garage sale but it doesn't have a key. I know how to shim it for rekeying but cannot get to the cylinder to do so. So I need to take it apart. I see this little hole that looks like I should be able to press a metal piece in it (when I turn the knob) and disassemble the part but the metal piece in there is not budging (see pix). Can somebody please give me detailed instructions on how to take this knob apart (It should be the same for rekeying normally)

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Hey JS,

Just today I had this issue was able to get around it. Gatehouse locks are exceptionally cheap and have poor manufacturing standards. As a result, the knob is VERY tight. So, turn the knob to reveal the depressor tab, apply pressure on the depressor with something pointy, and pull the knob off with A LOT of force. That's the trick, it takes a really hard continuous pull to remove the knob from the lock body due to it being manufactured so poorly. It's probably best to do this in a vise or with the knob assembled on the door so you can really give it a good pull.

Also, when putting the knob back on, you will again need a great deal of force to push it all the way onto the lock body.


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