How is the best way to clean oil spots that have been there a week?

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I do not have a picture but the painter told me to move my car,so the crew could start paint the carport. four days later I came home early the painter was parked in my spot a n had been parking there every day. I did not notice the oil when he left . The next day I did notice there were five oil spots in the same proximity of the driveway. I put in a maintenance order for the stains to be removed on Thursday . Today Monday I saw the repairman looking so I showed him. He Sid he would be putting mineral spirits on the stains and they will be gone. I said well you have until Tuesday at about 4pm. Do you know if the mineral spirits work to remove the oil stains they were there for 4 to 7 days? Or will the oil stains still be there ? What would you recommend to be used so the stains are completely invisible? My other half says not to even worry about the stains. But I've been living here since 2002 I have a 2004 Dodge stratus RT coupe red. If my car began leaking oil I would bring it in for repair and if it could not be repaired I would sell it. Who wants a car that's leaking oil staining the driveway I do own the property.. Thank you for any info you may have re this if the,oil,stains are not gone then what should,I, recommend. Thank you

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If they don't get the stains out. Then, Carburetor Cleaner works very well instantly and can be picked up at Auto Parts stores or even Walmart.

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