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I have a Fan that started to Squeak, it seamed was the bearing. Pulled the motor apart cleaned and greased the bearings, then put it back together with no noise what so ever. However it only rotates when on highest speed and only rotates fairly slow, not as fast as it should rotate, also start rotating when turning by hand or assisted first. The fan has 3 speeds of which 1st and 2nd speed do work at all , and the 3rd speed which is the highest speed works only as described above. The motor is simple all the wirings to motor are soldered with no problems. Fan has remote control with no problems. The motor has a Capacitor which thought could be the problem, Capacitor was replaced , and still not rectified the problem. So in short the Fan doesn't start at all, and only when it is put on highest speed, it start rotating only when the blade is assisted by hand and also turns slowly, otherwise it doesn't rotate. Can anyone help me to understand this problem? I thank everyone in advance and look forward to your advice. Attached there are some pictures of the fan that might be helpful to identify problem!

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Does the fan rotate easily by hand (not power applied)? There may be some misalignment after you put it back together. The three speeds are just additional windings that give it extra torque, so if it does not start on 1 ans 2, it may not have enough torque to pull out of rest. If it would not start at all, and you've replaced the start capacitor, there may be something wrong with the starting winding, or, even more probable, it is simply mis-wired. You might have switched the start winding with one of the other windings. Does it hum when it's energized but not rotating?

Sorry, the pics didn't make it here. You can still upload them in a reply to this post.

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