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I'm no DIY expert, but I usually manage to bumble through, but this has me stumped.

I have a quite heavy (10-15kg) old pine cupboard that needs to be attached to a wall. The problem is that I don't want to attach it using the back panels, as I don't trust them to bear the weight, especially when the cupboard gets loaded with plates, etc. I can imagine that the entire back might separate from the rest of the unit as it's only attached with nails at the top and bottom.

So, my idea is to support it from underneath, but the back panels protrude below the base of the cupboard, which means I either have to cut off this protrusion or find another way.

I have some metal right angle brackets, similar to this but longer:


My idea was to attach these upside-down under the bottom of the cupboard, so the cupboard sits on them. Directly underneath where the cupboard will hang there are tiles, which is why I would use these upside-down.

Obviously, I would also attach the top of the cupboard to the wall, but these brackets would bear all the weight

I could not upload my images with the post, so links to them are below.

The back of the unit. The bottom is on the left


The extent to which the back panels extend beyond the bottom of the unit. Should I just cut these extra few inches off?


The back panels from the bottom edge:


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Answer by homeowners

Those brackets are one way to do it, although, depending on the height, they may actually be visible, so perhaps not the best solution aesthetically.

I would try something like the way Ikea does it with their wall cabinets. Check out this manual : http://www.ikea.com/us/en/a... , Pages 21 and 22 are where the bracket and the clip that covers it are shown.

this was the first that I found quickly, so this particular cabinet is floor standing, the brackets I am talking about are to prevent toppling in this particular case. But the same bracket is also used in their wall cabinets, so you can use it for the cupboard. I am looking at one such cabinet hanging next to my desk with something like 50 lbs (~25kg) of various hardware.

So, anyway, the idea is that the bracket (Ikea part 115753) screws into the sides of the cabinet *on the inside* of it. Then you prepare wall anchors that are adequate for the load, and screw them through the back. The back in this case does not bear any load, so might as well make tow large holes in the back to be able to find the anchor more easily. Then the holder with a keyhole (Ikea part 103693) gets put on the anchoring bolt/screw, and the anchor gets tightened. All of this hardware is then covered with a plastic snap-on cover (Ikea part 121184, and I believe they come in multiple colors, so the part # will differ by color).

The end result is that the cabinet is hanging on the bracket that is mounted to its sides - the most sturdy part of the cabinet since it's supposed to be strong enough to hold all the shelves (including the bottom) and the content thereof.

Anyway, that's the way I would approach it.

Good luck!

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