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Hi, can we please ask for help with changing existing 1 switch hall and 2 switch landing. We have uploaded an attachment for our new MK landing with two switches as shown and have a new hall switch too.
At present all existing wiring is untouched but we cannot control the landing from our hallway.
A new 3core+earth is chased into both socket conduits ready to be connected.
Please let us know and we'll send another three attachments for the existing (exposed) wired light sockets upstairs and downstairs with the visual for our new MK hallway light switch.
Many thanks,

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Just follow the 3-way Switch (required and must be used) manufacturer's instructions and below I have also provided a link to a very clear illustration. But basically and the easiest configuration is, the White/Neutral wire only gets connected/wire-nutted to other White wires and any light fixtures, but not to any switch.
The Earth/Ground wire is almost the same setup as the White, but it does get pigtailed to the switches (and metal electrical boxes, if used) as well. Pigtails are just short pieces of wire that branch off to the switch and are a 3rd wire in the wire-nut.
The Hots or Black and Red wires should not have any wire nuts in their runs and should be oriented the same on both switches. Notice in the illustration linked below that the 3-core+earth should only run between the switches and nowhere else.
Power should enter the circuit at 1-switch and exit to the light(s) at the 2nd switch by only a 2-core+earth wire and the lights should be conjoined by only a 2-core+earth wire as well. See the illustration noted here - http://vienoulas.info/wp-co...

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