Dead or dormant grass??

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Hey, I'm new here. I just moved into my first house in Jacksonville, FL with my wife and two small kids.

We fell in love with the house but the yard/grass needs some love.

What are some opinions on this patch in the front yard? Is it dead or dormant?
What is your suggestion on fixing it?
Thank you for any advice!

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You'll need to take some pictures to your local nursery to determine the grass type. Then, they can sell you seeds for the patch and explain what the grass needs or what happened to the area. This, is most important because grass seed won't get rid of disease (burns the grass out), pest infestations (eats the grass and its roots away) or water pooling in low spots (rots the grass).
The dead or dormant area is a symptom of a, possibly, bigger problem or it may have just been where the previous owner tied up the dog, whom wore or pee'd it away. Female dog urine can kill most grasses due to its high nitrogen content or most any dog on a high protein diet. The best course of action may be to get rid of the old grass and go with a grass that's hardier or easier to maintain...sod instead of seed is the quickest turn-around.

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