Dead animal smell coming from crack in cement

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I'm considering purchasing a house. There's a fire pit with some cement and stone benches in the back yard. Yet there is a decaying smell coming from one of the benches. The bench base meets a cement slab on three sides of the bench. The back side of the bench base meets the dirt.

There is a strong smell of animal decay coming from those cracks. And only from those cracks. But you can smell it from several yards away, given the circumstance of the wind. The bench cannot be moved without destructive action. There is no sewage treatment tank in the yard. But there is a slim chance there's a sewage pipe there. Slim chance. The cement and benches look to be more than 2 years old. Which would possibly rule out a buried dog (or human) beneath the bench, being as they decay very little time.

Any suggestions as to what it is? As of now, I'm suspecting it wouldn't be a major issue that could cause problems. If so, I can caulk up the crack and be done with it. But I want to be sure. Thanks!

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Answer by homeowners

Yes, this is an unpleasant situation. Most important question here would be: what does the seller say about it? You did not specify if this is a traditional sale or a foreclosure or if there is some other complication. Before you start researching for an engineering solution, I think you should question the seller or his/her real estate agent, then act according to their response. If you don't like it or sense they are being shifty, I would just walk away, but I obviously don't know your situation.

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