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Left hand locked lever door knob

bama's Avatar (by Gravatar) by bama in  Bathroom 

Right hand sticks out in door way which gets stuck. Will lever come apart? [IMG]  ... read more »

Fitting a rad to a brick wall that has been plasterboarded and tiled

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Bathroom 

I need to mount several items from a rad to a toilet roll holder to the wall. The walls are brick covered  ... read more »

galaxy serene shower

mike 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by mike in  Bathroom » Shower »

continues heating after switch off until main switch off  ... read more »

shower head

sara's Avatar (by Gravatar) by sara in  Bathroom » Shower »

Hello im a photographer trying to photograph shower heads. we are shooting at my studio and our only  ... read more »

sweet smell in downstairs bathroom?

patty's house problem's Avatar (by Gravatar) by patty's house problem in  Bathroom 

I have a sweet smell in my downstairs bathroom. I have had a plumber look at it and he replaced the  ... read more »

Need to repipe 2nd floor apartment-rusty/yellow water in shower-HELP-

Patti's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Patti in  Bathroom » Shower »

3 flat apartment building have rusty/yellow water/scalding appears to be advance stage of corrosion in  ... read more »

my jets on my almico tub stopped working, where can I get parts?

Donna Jean's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Donna Jean in  Bathroom » Shower »

I have not taken a bath in my Almico jetted tub in about 2 years. Much to my dismay when I went to  ... read more »

Cost to fix ceiling

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Bathroom 

I have water damage in my bathroom ceiling. Would likely need to replace part of the ceiling drywall  ... read more »

Does this look like mold? Does it look dangerous?

KB1234's Avatar (by Gravatar) by KB1234 in  Bathroom 

I am renting a room in a very old house (old enough that it has push-button style electric switches)  ... read more »

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Bathroom shut off vavle

TCB's Avatar (by Gravatar) by TCB in  Bathroom 

My hot water sink shut off valve is stripped and wont shut off. It just keeps turning. The sink faucet  ... read more »

can you paint over baked on shower door stripes

shanan's Avatar (by Gravatar) by shanan in  Bathroom 

Wondering if I can use some kind of paint to repaint the stripes on a shower door. Very faded and cant  ... read more »

My cast iron tub creaks when full of hot water and I am sitting in it. I am cont

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Bathroom 

I am concerned it wasn't installed properly or with sufficient support and will fall thru the floor with  ... read more »


Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Bathroom 

No further details provided  ... read more »

you cover the the bathroom fan with insulation in attic

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Bathroom 

having cellulose insulation iln attic they want to cover the attic fan with 18 inches of insulation is  ... read more »

do i need a P trap for bathtub drain

kelly's Avatar (by Gravatar) by kelly in  Bathroom 

I had a new bathtub replacement it is against rotten wood and I was told the smell was because I need  ... read more »

How do I remove Wonderboard w/ceramic tiles from bathtub walls?

Susan's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Susan in  Bathroom 

Hello I am trying to demo an old bathroom to install a steam shower/tub combo. The surround has ceramic  ... read more »

how to install a air extraction unit for a toilet

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Bathroom 

how to install a air extraction unit for a toilet  ... read more »

The Philp screw head is strip and i can't get to it using the cutting disk.

Apostle's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Apostle in  Bathroom 

It is located on the faucet with he bathtub. I am changing the washer and maybe the seat nut.  ... read more »

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