I have a Bryant model 310AAV024070AAJA that blinks code 33, and eventually code 13.

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I have a Bryant model 310AAV024070AAJA that blinks code 33, and eventually code 13. The blower runs almost non-stop, even with the thermostat set to off. This leads me to believe that the blower motor is good. In addition, both head and AC modes will sometimes exhibit this behavior. In the past I have ignored it, and the AC would work again after a few days. Last winter, this same thing happened for the heat, and it returned to normal operation before an HVAC technician could be scheduled.

The times when the blower turns off may be the result of the 3 hour reset. When it does turn off, it often stays off for a few minutes or a few hours. Occasionally it turns back on after a minute or two. I have messed around with thermostat settings and have cycled power too many times to be sure what cause yields which result.

Code 33 says to check for 8 things. I put a minus next to the things that I have eliminated and a question mark next to the things I need help checking:
?Restricted vent
-Proper vent sizing
-Loose blower wheel
-Excessive wind
-Dirty filer or restricted duct system
?Defective blower motor or capacitor
?Defective switch or connections
?Inadequate combustion air supply (Flame Roll-out Switch open)

The vent is difficult to check, as I do not have a ladder tall enough to get on the roof (it's a rental). Since both the AC and heat sometimes behave similarly, this seems to be a likely culprit.
Can I rule out the "blower motor or capacitor" since the blower runs almost non-stop?
Which "switch or connection" is likely to be defective in this scenario?
Can I check the roll-out switch on my own?
Can I temporarily bypass any of these things as a test procedure? If I temporarily open the vent to the service room that the furnace is in, will that bypass the vent restriction checks? Can the unit operate normally with the front panel removed, or do I need to replace it for each test?
Code 33 says flame rollout switch and BVSS require manual reset. How do I reset them? The manual that I found (http://www.docs.hvacpartners.com/idc/groups/public/documents/techlit/ii310a-45-1.pdf) does not mention how to reset them.

Please let me know if any other information is required. It's getting cold at night, but I live alone and work nights, so it's not a big deal... yet.

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I haven't worked on this model unit, but will attempt to help you. As far as the flame roll out switch, It is normanly a round disk in the burner compartment at the burner inlet. If it is a manual reset it will have a red push button on it. However, if that were tripped and the switch were open. the burners would never fire until reset. I need to know if you are refering to the indoor blower motor or the induced draft (combustion air motor)? I will see if I can locate a wiring diagram or manual on this unit, but at this point I am thinking you have a problem with a fan switch sticking.

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I got the burner working by shorting a few of the sensors for a few minutes.  However, the main blower motor still runs non-stop.  At least I now get heat when the thermostat calls for it.

Any idea what might cause the blower to run non-stop?  Also, there is a wiring diagram here:

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I need you to do a couple of things. First,  remove the cover to the blower section. On the PBC board, terminal block (J2), disconnect the green wire connected to terminal G. Wait approx. 3 to 5 minutes and see if the blower stops. If it dose not stop running, pull the blue wire off at the heat cool relay. This is the wire that comes from the blower motor up to the control PBC board, and see if that stops the motor. NOTE: The blower should stop running when you remove the cover to the blower compartment.

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Please do not leave any of those limits bypassed, they are all safety switches.

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I shorted them with the power off.  On a different forum, a member mentioned that limit switches can sometimes be reset by shorting them out.  I removed the jumpers before I powered the unit back up.

I would not run a heater in that manner.  Trust me, I don't want to die in my sleep.

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Did you get the blower to stop? See my reply prior to the limit switch statement for checks. Do you need my help anymore?

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I did get the blower to stop.  The heat is working and all is well.  Thank you everyone for the help.

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