Bought a Price Pfister kitchen faucet about 1yr & a half ago; its leaking; had plumber replace the part; still leaking; is this lifetime

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I have a Price Pfister kitchen faucet that I had put in about 1 year & a half ago; its leaking where the water runs up into the faucet; had a plumber order the part & replace; it still leaks. Can you please tell me if this is lifetime warranted. I do not have the receipts; went to Home Depot & they told me to check with Price Pfister. I have to repace the whole outfit & when I bought the other one I was told it was lifetime guaranteed (that's the only reason I bought it). Thanks for any help you provide me.

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price pfister has replacement parts available at lowes and home depot. most likely it is a washer or an        o-ring or a wahser and spring kit! even if the plumber has already replaced parts sometimes the parts come with defects like small cuts or scars and this can defeat the purpose you're trying to accomplish. turn off the water to your faucet. (hot and cold) take the faucet apart and bring the inners to the store with you to ensure you get the right parts. it's not worth calling another plumber because by time that plumber fixes the problem you could have paid to have a NEW faucet installed. good luck.

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