Bathroom Faucet Handles Loose & Wobbly

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Over time, the handles on my bathroom faucet have become loose and wobbly where the bell meets the lever part of the handle. It's now starting to feel like the cold handle might pull off at any time. The tip of the handle screws off, but there is no set screw or other indication of a way to get the handle off to see if it can be tightened. Any suggestions on how to tighten the handles or get the handle off to inspect if it can be repaired would be greatly appreciated. I do not know the brand of faucet, and cannot find a logo or name anywhere... Thank you

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A picture might help. But typically, there's screw either an exposed or under a pry-off or screw-off cap at the top of the handle's stem (what the handle screws into/onto). These screws do loosen over time and can be re-tightened.
You may even what to apply a drop of Krazy Glue or Blue Thread Locker to keep it from happening again. Don't worry the Krazy Glue doesn't do metal well at all and the Blue Thread Locker is also meant to be breakable, they just stop the self-loosening.

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