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Chest freezer Capacity

Sandy's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Sandy in  Appliances 

What is the size and capacity of my Kenmore chest freezer model no. 253.12551100?  ... read more »

Leads to switch on ryobi table saw

Jack Mccarthy 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Jack Mccarthy in  Tools and Equipment » Power Tools »

I took out switch on ryobi table saw and didn't pay attention to which leads go to brass and silver blades. I have 2 white  ... read more »

how to diagnose problem with Kenmore Refrigerator 106.57572791 model

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

My kenmore 106.57572791 stopped working the fan still runs but the compressor does not come on..do not hear any clicks  ... read more »

Baxi system 35/60 ignition problem

mike putt's Avatar (by Gravatar) by mike putt in  Climate Control » Heating »

Hi all I have the above boiler and it has developed a curious problem. When the demand is called the boiler needs to be  ... read more »

Thermostat (British Gas WR1 receiver/ Drayton Digistat)

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Climate Control » Heating »

The receiver gets the signal from the thermostat ok as it flashes ¾ times when receiving the signal (approx.  ... read more »

Brown marks appearing on bathroom ceiling and wall

Rachel's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Rachel in  Bathroom »

Over this last 3 months I've noticed brown rust like marks appearing on the bathroom wall. I've not idea what it can be.  ... read more »

storm shutters on hardiplank

charles's Avatar (by Gravatar) by charles in  Carpentry »

I am having hardiplank installed on my house and I want to put storm shutters on the windows. What is the best way to install  ... read more »

Aircondition problem

Ali Muntaka's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Ali Muntaka in  Climate Control » Air Conditioning »

My o general ac power light is no working.. couple of months ago the light was some kind of blinking. But now it is completely  ... read more »

Shed Window AC blows breakers

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Climate Control » Air Conditioning »

GE model AEL12 12 000 btu pulls 3250 watts (by the book) from a 115-Volt circuit. I bought it for my outdoors shed last year  ... read more »

cast iron victorian downpipe joins

Oneofthetwo's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Oneofthetwo in  Yard » Storm Water »

Should the joins between lengths of cast iron victorian downpipes be left "unfilled"? We have a downpipe  ... read more »

White WestingHouse washer tub moves

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

The tub keeps moving when I wash cloths. I push it back so that it's even all the way around but it quickly moves again like  ... read more »

old deadbolt stuck in fram

Dee's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Dee in  Doors » Locks »

I'm renting a house built in 1950 with best I can tell the original deadbolt on the door. The key wasn't provided but  ... read more »

Broan Allure qS1 Series Range Hood Light

Roberta 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Roberta in  Appliances 

I cannot remove one of the bulbs and the other bulb exploded when I turned it on so the bulb socket is still in the hood.  ... read more »

Potterton Suprima - rusty outer case replacement?

Ian 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Ian in  Appliances 

The outer case of my Potterton Suprima 80L has some rust on the inside and a tiny pin hole. My gas engineer has shut the  ... read more »

Lawn mower cap wont stay tight

JCalhoon's Avatar (by Gravatar) by JCalhoon in  Tools and Equipment » Small Engines »

Have a briggs and stratton push mower that the cap will not stay on. Ill tighten it down and start mowing and a few minutes  ... read more »

small dark yellow-reddish spots on edges of walls and door frames

bkny413's Avatar (by Gravatar) by bkny413 in  Cleaning »

Hi all I have these mysterious spots in clusters that appear at the edge of walls along this door arch in our house and  ... read more »

Looking for old users manual for Troy-bilt chipper/vacuum part number 47282

Terry's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Terry in  Garden » Lawn »

Looking for users manual for this chipper/vacuum unit from 1993.  ... read more »

Power in shed keeps going out

Trisha_shelling27's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Trisha_shelling27 in  Energy » Electrical » Wiring »

My sheds power is some how connected to my garage outlet and almost constantly goes out during storms and when you try to  ... read more »

Serratia Marcesscens.. blood spots in bathroom! GROSS

SomeGirlCrystal's Avatar (by Gravatar) by SomeGirlCrystal in  Bathroom »

The apartment i live in had the toilets replaced since then I've noticed blood like spots all over the bathroom ive cleaned  ... read more »

Rigid 8000w Generator only runs with choke

shane's Avatar (by Gravatar) by shane in  Tools and Equipment » Generators »

I have a rigid rd8000 generator that is a little older but i cannot seem to get running correctly. It will start with choke  ... read more »

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