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Almost stripped screw in Delta faucet

Humouur's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Humouur in  Plumbing » Faucets 

How do I unscrew the almost stripped screw out of Delta faucet. I feel like screw is stuck on the way out since I can unscrew  ... read more »

Getting cement into gap under cement patio

Irene 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Irene in  Masonry » Concrete »

How to push cement into gaps between cement patio and earth for a raised patio  ... read more »

Worcester Bosch 30CDi Combi Boiler over heating

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing » Water » Hot Water »

Looking for a bit of diagnostic help on the following problem. The boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 30i ErP Combi has been  ... read more »

New lawn

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Garden » Lawn »

Just bought a newly constructed home in north Idaho. The yard is clay the contractors put some gravel down to fill some  ... read more »

Adams speed flame trouble shooting

Tonygreen's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Tonygreen in  Climate Control » Heating »

No reaction from Adams speed flame unit  ... read more »

Generac generator has no compression

Antwan86's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Antwan86 in  Tools and Equipment » Generators »

I can turn the motor over with my hand no resistance at all was running just fine  ... read more »

Help me resolve this basement condensation nightmare....

's Avatar (by Gravatar) by in  Basement »

Hi everyone Thank you for a great forum. I'm having to deal with an ongoing issue in the basement. This is a semi-detached  ... read more »

Bath Tub Insallation

Floyd's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Floyd in  Bathroom » Shower »

We need to replace a bathtub in our current home ( we are not the first owners of this home). We discovered that the tub  ... read more »

House Voltage Drop

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Energy » Electrical » Wiring »

I just bought my house and noticed that when I use the microwave the voltage drops from 121V to 112V and the lights slightly  ... read more »

Voltage drop when using Microwave

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Energy » Electrical » Wiring »

I just bought my house and I noticed that when I use the microwave in the lights in the kitchen flickered. I took voltage  ... read more »

door bell keeps ringing

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Energy » Electrical » Lighting »

I had a light doorbell. The button broke but still worked. I replaced with a new lighted button. Door bell continues to ring  ... read more »

Kenmore Refrigerator Cubic Feet

Jan OCallaghan's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Jan OCallaghan in  Appliances »

How many cubic feet is my 2007 Kenmore top freezer refrigerator serial number 253.69252702  ... read more »

Water Storage Cylinder

Fatty's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Fatty in  Plumbing » Water » Hot Water »

I need to replace my gledhill pulsacoil which is faulty and not repairable can anyone recommend a replacement please - I  ... read more »

Correct Manhole Base?

Nathan Wilde's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Nathan Wilde in  General Construction »

Hi all. I'm going to attempt to install a drainage run myself for the first time for a new extension/annex in the garden.  ... read more »

Pool Trips Breaker in my Bedroom

Gary's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Gary in  Yard » Pool »

I recently had a pool installed and the builder installed the pump and electrical on a new separate breaker on the outside  ... read more »


Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Tools and Equipment »

How do I measure a square bolt for an 8 point socket?  ... read more »

Wiring a 220 Volt Wire to a Old Type Fuse Box

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Energy » Electrical » Wiring »

I am installing a new electric hot water heater in a house that was built in 1936. It has a conventional fuse panel NOT  ... read more »

three Romex sets in ceiling box

Bill H.'s Avatar (by Gravatar) by Bill H. in  Energy » Electrical » Lighting »

I have single light switch three romex in ceiling box TWO LED panel lights are running out of ceiling box. I want to add  ... read more »

Do I need a new toilet syphon?

Eimearcd's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Eimearcd in  Plumbing » Toilet »

Hi all My toilet keeps running after flush has completed and Im finding online advice for a toilet with a syphon is scarce.  ... read more »

Bedroom has a slight rotten egg smell

heyguysimalex's Avatar (by Gravatar) by heyguysimalex in  Energy » Gas »

I live on the third floor of an apartment building for the past few weeks I've noticed a slight rotten egg smell in my bedroom.  ... read more »

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