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Primer bulb won't fill

Mandy's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Mandy in  Tools and Equipment » Small Engines 

I am completely stuck. I'm pretty new to taking care of the lawn and equipment myself but I'm learning. A couple yrs ago  ... read more »

My gcv 190 pressure washer wont start

Bob's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Bob in  Tools and Equipment » Small Engines 

I was using my pressure washer and it just quit running. It has a new carb and plug . It wouldn't start back up after it  ... read more »

new fan with old name

Dianne Theriot's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Dianne Theriot in  Energy » Electrical » Ceiling Fans »

hello I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan which I bought over 25 years ago. The Line name is Southwest Model no.173-994. It  ... read more »

New patio concrete cracks

JR's Avatar (by Gravatar) by JR in  Masonry » Concrete »

I hired a licensed concrete contractor to place a 4 1/2" thick reinforced patio slab and a 55' long 6' high reinforced  ... read more »

Wrong gas in lawn mower

DominickKeating's Avatar (by Gravatar) by DominickKeating in  Yard »

I accidentally put regular gas in my 4 cycle lawn mower. So panicking i siphoned the gas out and right away put in Trufuel.  ... read more »

Confused about which option to choose about our house

OldHome's Avatar (by Gravatar) by OldHome in  Home Financing »

We have 2 options for us on what to do with our house...... #1 save up about 40 000 in a years time to repair and remodel  ... read more »

Does it Work Out Cheaper to Get DIY Kitchen & Self Employed Fitter?

OhhEnnEmm's Avatar (by Gravatar) by OhhEnnEmm in  Kitchen »

'ello. Tryna keep the missus happy as per. She wants a new kitchen fitted I don't personally care about our 6 year old  ... read more »

Crawlspace Vents.

tide35's Avatar (by Gravatar) by tide35 in  Basement »

So I forgot to open up my crawlspace vents for the summer here in Tennessee. I did open them today. I was wandering if  ... read more »

How to properly clean up the crawl space

Tayrgood4991's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Tayrgood4991 in  Basement »

My crawl space is roughly 20ft x 10ft. The floor of the crawlspace is dirt. Not very mainly pipes and wires in there. There  ... read more »

How much should it cost to run a gas fireplace?

thyrza's Avatar (by Gravatar) by thyrza in  Climate Control » Fireplaces »

I have an airbnb and guests have used the fireplace. My gas bill is normally 20-40$ but when the fireplace gets used it jumped  ... read more »


Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Tools and Equipment » Power Tools »

I need battery for my power devil PDD2148KKL  ... read more »

Old deep well..no water in house

Emily Edwards's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Emily Edwards in  Plumbing » Sump Pump »

Renting 1945 yr old house with old deep well...can't find pressure tank or switch location... Where would it b located...how  ... read more »

Squeaking Door Handles Already

CraigT's Avatar (by Gravatar) by CraigT in  Doors »

Recently moved into a new build in the Nottinghamshire area had tons of problems most rectified but shouldn't have happened  ... read more »

Mini-Rivers in my basement

Mick's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Mick in  Basement »

Hey there! First time poster and first time homeowner here. Bear with me because I'm a beginner! Here are the facts and  ... read more »

Wood Lathe

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Tools and Equipment » Power Tools »

I have a Professional Woodworker bench top lathe V#3514 Stock number WL6/03028. Does anyone know where I can find a manual  ... read more »

Both my furnace and water heater are now direct vent. Can I remove the chimney?

Alec 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Alec in  Roof »

Both my furnace and water heater are now direct vent. Can I remove the chimney? How hard is this to do it yourself? Is there  ... read more »

Jenn-Air Fridge Water Dispenser Has Delay Start

sheridge's Avatar (by Gravatar) by sheridge in  Appliances »

*Fridge Model:* Jenn-Air model #JFFCC72EFP. *Summary of Issue:* We got the fridge in December 2018. Almost immediately  ... read more »

3way switch on old house

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Energy » Electrical » Lighting »

one box has 3 wires other box has 2 wires. i made a mistake on earlier post. Found hot wire on the 2 wire box- does that  ... read more »

Old House Wiring

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Energy » Electrical » Lighting »

Old house wiring -3 way switch not working. One box has 4 wires that are hot all the time & the other box has 2  ... read more »

Boiler fault

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Climate Control » Heating »

My biasi m90 24s boiler senses domestic hot water pressure drop and the flow valve light illuminates immediately. But there  ... read more »

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