20" husqvarna 455 Chain tensioner is at the end of the adjustment screw with a brand new chain.

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I have a husqvarna 455 chainsaw. The sprocket looks good and the bar looks good. The bar says 72 drive links .050 gauge and 3/8" pitch. I always buy stihl chains. I buy a brand new chain and the tensioner screw is at the end of the adjustment and the chain is hanging down below the bar. I counted the drive links and it is the correct chain that it calls for. I was wondering if I could take a link out to shorten it or if anyone else has ran into this problem before and what can I do to fix it? Thanks

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Yes, you can absolutely shorten the chain or exchange it for a slightly shorter one. Although, I haven't ever run out of tensioning, most especially for a properly sized new chain, and think you should inspect the clutch cover for the tensioner bolt's travel.
I'd suspect that the tensioner bolt's stripped, broken and missing a piece of itself or simply blocked by debris. Make sure you pull the kickback handle back and that the chain rotates by hand before removing the clutch plate or you'll have a new problem.

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