1960,s general electric 21lg furnace fan limit switch appears to be rare)

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I have a fan limit switch that is not functioning properly. It stays on. The normal honeywell looking switch with probe does not fit. When pulled out it looks very different. It has 2 lead screws (adjustable) leading into 2 backward C looking pieces of metal. I have pictures but can not post them to you for some reason. How do I fix this or find this rare part to replace it. The furnace has always ran great. I just need to get this part fixed or replaced. Any suggestions?

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Call-in an HVAC Tech to either find its replacement or to consult with in matching its specifications to a modern switch as the replacement. Otherwise, I think your only other option is to contact an HVAC online supplier (i.e. https://hvacpartstore.mysho... ) for both their guidance and supply chain.
I wouldn't suspect a picture would help anyone here, but it may very well end up being successfully replaced with people that know. You may need a combination Fan and Limit switch like https://cdn.shopify.com/s/f... or an Extended Reach switch like https://cdn.shopify.com/s/f... What you're actually after is a proper fix that not only tells the blower when it can blow but also the burners when to stop and not damage the heat exchanger and burn the house down...if that's the duty of the device you feel is broken.

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