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Glue for plastic /wet

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing » Hot Tub 

I have about a 1"piece of plastic that broke off my above ground pool pump it's one of the pieces that propel the water  ... read more »

Low voltage lighting

Mfratt's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Mfratt in  Energy » Electrical » Wiring »

Okay so last year I wired twelve 1.2watt hardscape lights on a 60watt 12v transformer. The run is approximately 100 feet  ... read more »

York Unit Thermostat Error

ANGIE's Avatar (by Gravatar) by ANGIE in  Appliances »

Had a brand new unit for over a year last night about 400 emails every minute to advise me there is a "Thermostat  ... read more »

Correct sump pump sizingin home

Lucas P.'s Avatar (by Gravatar) by Lucas P. in  Plumbing » Sump Pump »

We recently purchased a home that has sump pumps and have never had had one in our house before (or the need for one) and  ... read more »

Repeat broken pipe

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing »

Two winters ago we had a pipe burst in the exterior wall of our finished basement. The pipe leads to the outdoor faucet  ... read more »

drain utility sink directly into sump pump discharge?

Janice's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Janice in  Plumbing » Sump Pump »

Hi I'm trying to figure out if I'm able to drain a utility sink directly into the discharge pipe for the sump pump? There's  ... read more »

2 part Epoxy paint

's Avatar (by Gravatar) by in  Yard » Pool »

I use to use an off the shelf epoxy paint to on my pool. Actually it came in a sky blue color so I was happy with it.  ... read more »

Flooring Installation Preparation

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Floor » Carpet »

We are planning to replace all the carpet in our home. Would like to hear from others how you handled moving the furniture  ... read more »

Flymo Hover 300 lawnmower

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Garden » Lawn »

The belt on the mower snapped. The centrifugal clutch plate that the belt is wrapped around is TIGHT. How that this be dismantled  ... read more »

Radiators getting warm during shower or when taps are in use

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing » Water » Hot Water »

Hi guys I'm having a problem when showering/using hot water on taps where the radiators start to get warm after a few minutes.  ... read more »

bringing expensive light fixtures to asia which uses 220V

Josh's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Josh in  Energy » Electrical » Lighting »

hello everyobe. I purchased this expensive chandelier with the thought of installing it on our ancestral home in East Asia.  ... read more »

well pump short cycling

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing »

Have narrowed the problem down to the pressure tank. the manufacturer's tech rep asked me if water came out of the air valve  ... read more »


Alexshim's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Alexshim in  General Construction »

Hi I have a contractor building a new home in Florida. We are about to go our final inspection and I was looking at the  ... read more »


DDS's Avatar (by Gravatar) by DDS in  Energy » Electrical » Wiring »

I recently bought a 18 000btu mini split unit. Compressor load is 12.3A minimum ampacity is 18A and max fuse is 25A. My  ... read more »

Central Heating Pipes

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing »

Hi any advice would be welcome. We live in an older property probably built in the 60's 4 bed we live in an area with  ... read more »

Worcester greenstar 24i junior/28i junior

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing »

Hi looking for some help here if possible or direction Recently visited mothers only to fined she had not been using her  ... read more »

aeg 61300w

muke's Avatar (by Gravatar) by muke in  Appliances »

replacing door seal  ... read more »

What happens if the sump pump fails AND the water backup pump fails when the sump pit is sealed?

jawdoc's Avatar (by Gravatar) by jawdoc in  Plumbing »

I was wondering since I have a sump pump pit that fills up with calcified stuff all the time and clogs up my sump pump making  ... read more »

Neff Double Oven Temperature and Indicator Knob Issue

GwendaJ's Avatar (by Gravatar) by GwendaJ in  Kitchen »

Hi I have a Neff U1644NOGB double oven and the top oven indicator knob is not working properly. When you turn it to the  ... read more »

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