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Damp on internal walls, and continuing issue.

Tim's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Tim in  Wall 

Good afternoon everyone I was hoping someone could offer me some advice on what you would do if you were in my shoes. I  ... read more »

Electrical panel

Ryan 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Ryan in  Energy » Electrical » Safety Codes »

My brother in law is having his basement finished they framed the walls and now the panel is recessed so the cover won't  ... read more »

Ice maker won't stop making ice

Slag's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Slag in  Appliances »

It is a Whirlpool Model # WSF26C3EXB01 I replaced the receiver sensor board # W10296530 because the red light was only on  ... read more »

Armstrong Circa 908 ceiling tiles

Jake's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Jake in  Ceiling »

We had water damage in our ceiling and need to replace about 14 circa ceiling tiles. Anybody have some?  ... read more »

Dremel tools - Older models...repairs...some can have rotation reversed...my experience.

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Tools and Equipment » Power Tools »

I recently rebuilt my old Dremel rotary tool. It is a model 380-6 from the 80s. It had been sitting unused for years because  ... read more »

Chain that regulates slats turning

Grandmaof13!'s Avatar (by Gravatar) by Grandmaof13! in  Windows »

My chain was pulled by my granddaughter and now it is very uneven. I have tried pulling it to even it but am afraid I  ... read more »

904367 Handle set for Delta Shopmaster Saw

Jeff Pflug's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Jeff Pflug in  Tools and Equipment »

I keep coming up with "No longer available" for this part number. Just hoping somebody could possibly find one  ... read more »

Screened in lanai issue

DavFlct 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by DavFlct in  Other »

Screened in lanai but has a 1" opening along the bottom what can I use to block bugs and let water drain  ... read more »

Roto Flashing kits

Porschehorse 's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Porschehorse in  Roof »

Roti flashing kits can be found at Skylight Specialist Yaphank NY  ... read more »

Improving flow rate from rising main

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Plumbing »

Help please! We suffer from a low flow rate from our rising main (1/2 pipe into the house). This is particularly frustrating  ... read more »

dirty area of carpet spreading with each shampoo

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Floor » Carpet »

I have a small section of olefin berber carpet that was under table and chair legs for 8 years. The table was used as a desk  ... read more »

Kew Hobby 1500 Pressure Washer

Alan Rhone's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Alan Rhone in  Appliances »

*I have an old Kew 1500 Pressure Washer which I have not used for many years* and forgotten how to do so. Can anyone advise  ... read more »

Instruction Manual for Kew Pressure Washer 1500

Alan Rhone's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Alan Rhone in  Appliances »

I have an old Kew Pressure Washer 1500 which has not been used for many years and have forgotten how to use it . Can anyone  ... read more »

Removing interior door handle

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Doors » Locks »

I'm trying to remove a door handle with a thumb turn lock but I can't see a way to take it apart. I've remove many door  ... read more »

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F70 error on miele g1222 dishwasher

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances »

Hi All. I have error F70 and took some pictures so you can see where the leak is. The rusty looking baseplate has its  ... read more »

Filling in a basement, no plans to rebuild

s_lee's Avatar (by Gravatar) by s_lee in  Basement »

Hi! I've got a lot with a demoed house on it only thing left is a cinderblock and concrete basement. There is another house  ... read more »

Removing small stones from yard

SmallStoneYard2020's Avatar (by Gravatar) by SmallStoneYard2020 in  Garden » Lawn »

So instead of grass we had small stones covering the front yard. We are now replacing it with greenery and wanted to know  ... read more »

maytag washer lid bypass

Susan Fedullo's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Susan Fedullo in  Appliances »

i need to bypass the lid it is model MVWC565FWO TYPE 589-01 commercial technolgy can someone help me please it is connection  ... read more »


JAMES MARK FULMER's Avatar (by Gravatar) by JAMES MARK FULMER in  Appliances »

We have a very old Kenmore fridge model # 363.8754412. How many cubic feet is that model? It seems to be about 24 cu ft.  ... read more »

Used Armsrtong 21A ceiling tilles

mike's Avatar (by Gravatar) by mike in  Ceiling »

I have 162 usable tile plus a big bag of half tile. I will sell for a fair price plus shipping  ... read more »

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