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Mark & Juanita wrote: ...

I had gotten so involved in the "gettin' ready" process had slipped my mind--I had seen the sandstorm on TWC.
It's been a major change here the last 30 years w/ the advent of low- and no-till cultivation, more irrigation and the large acreages back into native grass thru the Conservation Reserve (CRP) that we've not had widescale blowing dirt on the scale I recall in the previous drought cycles (early 50s, in particular; I'm too young for the Dirty 30's) altho there were areas in W OK/N TX panhandles SE CO/NE NM this year that got bad for a while it was much more local than years ago...
It looks like they got shorts all in a wad for nothing over this 'un here, though...we got a dusting this AM but they now have down to 20% chances for anything at all else and no accumulation forecast. Have even backed off on the wind levels as the low just never deepened and is farther north and has a splitoff to the south that prevented the frontogenesis they were so concerned over earlier.
Looks like from Chicago back thru Ioway is where it's all headed...
Sorry for those who do get hit; there's a lot of corn and beans still in the fields back there but can't say I'm at all sorry to miss the blizzard conditions here altho could have stood a few inches of nice, wet snow if it would've stayed on the wheat...
MC, all...
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