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Well, they're unbelievable, dumb idiots about everything except the one thing they said that appears to bolster your hijack theory. (-:
I've been in some serious car crashes. I can be easily convinced that a pilot of a huge jetliner full of people can become so thoroughly engaged in trying to save everyone's life that he does *exactly* what a growing number of pilots keep saying he would: "aviate, navigate, communicate." He would performs them in that very important order because it's the order most likely to save lives. Number three, in this case, would have helped officials recover remains. Not as useful to the presumed still-living passengers and crew of MH370 as rules one and two when whatever happened, happened.
It's just as easy for us to postulate a hijacker preventing comms as it is for a disaster preventing comms or a suicidal pilot preventing comms based on the paltry, confusing and ever-changing evidence we're being fed. Not enough evidence to make any kind of a case yet. Instead, it's a slow and steady stream of "factoids" because we really can't call them data points. Anyone basing their presumptions on the order of events given us by the authorities, who have recanted so many times they can't be trusted, is likely to come to false conclusions.
I don't see them mentioning a climb to the operational ceiling anymore - why? Discarded? Disproved? Never happened? Forgotten? Who knows? Without concrete information it's all educated guesswork, and in the case of the people guessing "it went orbital", it's not even very educated.
I did read an interesting post about how when a pilot pulls busses in the panel to try to put out an electrical fire, he can end up resetting a number of devices inadvertently. It's tempting to assume because a transponder stopped sending, it was a nefarious event. That's because it's an event that communicates with the outside world. We on the ground would have no way, short of the FDR, of knowing if the pilot reset every electronic device on the plane and even the FDR might not help tell us that.
At this point, there's no way anyone can be sure of what caused anything to happen on that plane. We have lots of puzzle pieces and even some that appear to fit nicely together. But there's still no "defining image" recognizable. The worst part is that there may never be many more clues than the ones we have now.
There's a good reason not to credit hijackers - why give them the publicity and the added extra perception of "power?" The best public position to take is "accident" and let DHS or the FBI work the potential terrorist angle quietly. Otherwise it sounds like we're celebrating their cunning ability to steal a plane without any interference. That's a mistake.
Hijackers are always looking for attention. We shouldn't gratify them - it's the steroid-sized version of not feeding trolls. I also think it's a very bad idea to broadcast, world-wide, that the tortuous security procedures we put passengers through can be (easily?) breached. It gives bad people ideas. It's pretty obvious one unfortunate outcome of this investigation is a perfected "hijack checklist" - what things a hijacker needs to do to make a plane invisible. That's not good for them to have.
What still bothers me is if this was a hijack, what was the goal? Some say it was mostly likely aimed at the Petronas Towers. It makes sense because they wanted a huge landmark target close enough to expend a large fuel load on impact in a fireball. Maybe the group that did it is staying mum because they intend to try again. But why at night? Maybe it's because all that jet fuel for a trip to Beijing would have really lit up the night sky over all Malaysia. All we have are theories. We had them with Earhart - even that she was a spy eaten by cannibals. It doesn't get any less tranger the longer the mystery goes unsolved.
Islamic terrorists made two significant passes at the WTC, many years apart. It's their MO. What this incident proved is that the Malaysian AF would have been powerless to stop such an attack on the towers, one of the tallest in the world.
The best we can hope for here is that this spurs some serious change in the air transport industry. How much more would you pay per ticket to keep your loved ones off a roller coaster ride like this one? Multiply that by the number of flights and there's your budget for more satellite time, GPS transponders and other hijacker UNfriendly controls and interlocks.
Bobby G.

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