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I guess we just disagree. The vets from Tufts Veterinary near Boston are some of the tops in the country, and I trust them, as well as my own personal vet (ha ha, no jokes please! :)) Personally, my dog likes to roll in and eat grass, and I would never jeopardize his health. As a new homeowner, I don't feel it's ethical or appropriate to load more neurotoxins and chemicals into our environment. Researchers pretty much agree that as a society, one of the primary reasons we are getting sicker with higher incidences and prevalences of many disorders, diseases, and health problems is because of all the toxic chemicals and pollutants in our environs. As a person with a neurological disorder myself, I can tell a significant difference in my health (medical, physical, and mental/cognitive) when I am exposed to chemicals. I don't even use Lysol in the house! Sure, my grass with it's organic treatment does not look nearly as nice as my neighbors who use Scotts'/ChemLawn or other services, but I feel good about it and what I am *not* putting into the air/water/ground, etc. A dear old friend of mine was a Ph.D. chemist, and boy did he have some horror stories about what is really in some common household/garden products! Thanks, but no thanks! I am not completely "green", but I try. PS- I never called anyone a thug, and don't consider myself an 'alarmist'. And trust me you don't want a clinicial definition of "Whacko!"

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