Grout cleaning question

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I have white grout and had great results making a paste from baking soda and
bleach.  My friend has tan grout.  She'd like to know if the bleach will
lighten the grout more than it naturally was.

Re: Grout cleaning question
If you have an old battery operated toothbrush that is so popular now, pop
in a new battery and use it to clean the grout. I bought some of that Clorox
bleach in a pen but didn't like the brush on the pen so used an old battery
toothbrush and it worked like a charm!

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Re: Grout cleaning question
responding to
Grout Medic Denver wrote:

Jane wrote:

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I Jane,
The bleach and baking soda will lighten the tan grout lines your friend
has on her floors. The one concern when using a bleach solution is after
it has dried it may at times leave a white film over her tan grout. That
is because the alkaline nature of bleach tends to leave some white
deposits. Hence, why whites get whiter. So, if she uses this baking soda
and bleach solution, I would strongly recommend, she rinse the grout at
least two times with pure water.

Jesus Barrios, Owner
The Grout Medic of Metro denver

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