how do I remove stains from cultured marble

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how do I remove stains from cultured marbleFAQ

Stumped in St. Louis's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Stumped in St. Louis in  Cleaning 

Had new faucets installed with bases that were smaller than original ones. How do I remove the stain that was left around one of them?

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Answer by homeowners

If the stain is mostly lime scum, my personal preference would be to soften/dissolve it with vinegar (soak a paper towel in it, wrap around the faucet base, leave till next morning) , then wash the remainder off with water and a scrubbing pad. Maybe add some dish washing liquid if there's any grease or anything else vinegar didn't react with. I would use something softer than Scotch-Brite, maybe those pads they sell for scrubbing glass cook tops, just to be sure the new faucet won't get scratched. Other than trying to dissolve the scum in place your other choice would be to remove the new faucet and polish / buff the stain off. It may be the only option if the stain was chemical and has penetrated into the material.
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Answer by houseofblinds

 Marble is porous hence it can get stained very easily. Your stained can
be treated better if what it is caused by is definitely known. Baking
soda is the best option to take off stains from marble. Dilute the
baking soda in little water and apply it around the stain. Leave it for
some time and then try brushing it off. Should work. Try it. 

Answer by disqus_ZbxkxDtOYT

Mixture of ammonia,hot water and vinegar does the trick.

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