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Will a patio of pavers necessarily kill a live oak if built eight feet from the base of the tree?

SharynR's Avatar (by Gravatar) by SharynR in  Yard » Patio 

Hi! We would like to build a patio of pavers off the back of our home. The edge of the patio would be  ... read more »

best way to mount a 9' post in front of or to a 6' block wall

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Yard » Patio 

i am trying to figure out the best way to get a 9' high post mounted on the outside of my patio to install  ... read more »

how to make tarp withdrawable or roll in as a patio cover from house to building as attached

katina's Avatar (by Gravatar) by katina in  Yard » Patio 

want to roll or draw string back tarp used as a cover over patio from eve of house to 20 or 30 feet away  ... read more »

hayward pump only pull water at high speed

Steve S's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Steve S in  Yard » Pool »

My Hayward pump will only pump water at high speed. At lower speed the clean out basket is empty.  ... read more »

Deck paint peeling after one year. Can I use porch paint over treated wood?

greenacres's Avatar (by Gravatar) by greenacres in  Yard » Deck »

Had deck redone with treated wood but waited 3 years to put solid grey deck stain on. Prior to staining  ... read more »

I want to tint some existing poly sealer to change the color, I want green

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Yard » Patio 

It is a landscaping stone and I'd like the design to be tinted darker green. I would like to put something  ... read more »

Building a home, question about fencing.

FirstTimeHomeowner84's Avatar (by Gravatar) by FirstTimeHomeowner84 in  Yard »

I'm building a home in between two homes that are already occupied. One neighbor has a wooden privacy  ... read more »

My deck is dry and the boards are splintering how can I repair without A new dec

Mike's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Mike in  Yard » Deck »

My deck is old dry and is splintering.....how can I repair it without replacing boards? It is a two  ... read more »

does oil deck stain work well even if it became cloudy over the winter

teresa's Avatar (by Gravatar) by teresa in  Yard » Deck »

I stained my deck last summer and left the residual stain in the garage as I had a surplus. It did  ... read more »

I want to replace my 2nd story redwood deck with a concrete deck. will thatwork?

Jim R's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Jim R in  Yard » Deck »

I have a large redwood deck on the 2nd story of my house. It is approx. 25' x 30' I realize you have  ... read more »

connecting lattice panels on an octagon deck

gardenhelpneeded's Avatar (by Gravatar) by gardenhelpneeded in  Yard » Deck »

My deck is an octagon. We have lattice panels on the bottom and they keep coming out from the T-connectors  ... read more »

Where do I get a replacement roof cover for my costco carport.

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Yard » Driveway »

No further details provided  ... read more »

12x21 area gravel floor covered with heavy plasticI"d like to put a wood floor over it

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Yard » Patio 

12 x 21 area I have gravel floor with heavy plastic down All metal building. Going to be used for lawn  ... read more »

Answering all questions about timber decking, cladding, fencing & shingles

silvatimber's Avatar (by Gravatar) by silvatimber in  Yard » Deck »

Hi all I would like to offer my assistance to anyone who has any questions regarding using timber  ... read more »

Do I need expansion joints?

dangerousdana's Avatar (by Gravatar) by dangerousdana in  Yard » Patio 

I have a brand new home with a 14X30 attached and covered Patio. I want to add 30 inches on one end  ... read more »

Is it possible to redirect an under ground stream under a home using concrete fill?

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Yard » Storm Water »

I live in an townhome in Colorado. My neighbors back in 2010 or 2011 had water in their basement. I  ... read more »

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do i extend the dimple board out over the weeping tile or under the weeping tile

Kim's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Kim in  Yard » Storm Water »

do I extend the dimple board waterproofing membrane down the wall and out over the weeping tile then  ... read more »

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