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My washing machine is outside the hose is putting the dirty water into the backr

Drainage problems's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Drainage problems in  Appliances 

My washing machine is located outside the hose for the dirty water is just pouring into the back yard  ... read more »

new ice maker how long till water comes out

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

i have just installed a new ice maker also installed the water valve on the back of the fridge how long  ... read more »

water in the bottom of my new washer machine

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

Why there is water in the bottom of my new washer machine after it is done? My machine is Kmore and  ... read more »

I always have a little water left in my new GE dishwasher after a cycle.

lane's Avatar (by Gravatar) by lane in  Appliances 

No further details provided  ... read more »

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What size is my kenmore refrigerator model # 106.9758613.

Mc's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Mc in  Appliances 

I am looking for cubic feet. I need to get a new one for this tight space in my kitchen. Many thks  ... read more »

We have a Brammer Mfg cabinet above stove need it to be one a microwave can be mounted to. Can a old cabinet that was designed for an oven

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

Need to make this into a cabinet that a microwave can be mounted to. Flush with the other cabinets  ... read more »

Kenmore Elite model 106.72909201...needs door

GENE's Avatar (by Gravatar) by GENE in  Appliances 

I have a used ref'r that hsa hinges on left...i want to reverse if possible. This is about 12-14 yrs  ... read more »

Crown empress gas range burners will not lite from knob

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

do I need a new spark module  ... read more »

fan & lights work great, but makes random, loud pop

John's Avatar (by Gravatar) by John in  Appliances 

any ideas of what the problem is or how to fix? Was put in by electrician 5 or 6 yrs ago & used  ... read more »

Can you adjust the cycling time on a whirpool refrigerator icemaker?

Nelson's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Nelson in  Appliances 

I have a Whirpool refrigerator Model #ETSCHMXKQ0 4 that I just replaced the icemaker because it wasn't  ... read more »

GE freezer don't get frozen even if it is on

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

Model no. GSS20IBTA WW SERIAL no. VL217338 suddenly the freezer stop getting cold eve it is on  ... read more »

Ice maker water supply line

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

Bought house. Water comes in in all areas except ice maker line. Replaced the flowlite valve and house  ... read more »

repair kenmore elite washing machine

Gerry's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Gerry in  Appliances 

Washing machine (Heavy duty king quiet pak II) developed a burning smell mid cycle - did a light load  ... read more »

my kenmore dryer model 11086071810 when I push start button it hums but tub wont

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

Kenmore dryer model 11086071810 I need advice on what is causing this problem when I push start button  ... read more »

ge profile microwave rangehood fanon why working same time out&iside exchust

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Anonymous in  Appliances 

my ge microwave model#pvm1870sm199 .when we are cooking spicy smell stay inside also overrange stay  ... read more »

Display not working (blank) how to fix - maytag electric stove # MER5555RCW

trouble in canada's Avatar (by Gravatar) by trouble in canada in  Appliances 

Used stove on thurs night woke up friday display is blank. this is the only way to turn the stove  ... read more »

I put fabric softener in the compartment & it will not work. It is still in ther

Carl's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Carl in  Appliances 

Everything has been cleaned thoroughly mulitple times. What next?  ... read more »

I have the same problem with my Kenmore 417 .

Danish's Avatar (by Gravatar) by Danish in  Appliances 

Sears offered me 20% discount either on repair or on new washer. Now if I buy new washer I have to buy  ... read more »

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